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June 23, 2012
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Longhorn M7 R2 - 2012 Update - Preview by longhornfusion Longhorn M7 R2 - 2012 Update - Preview by longhornfusion
Please tell me if you were able to successfully apply this theme and what UxTheme patch you're using. Some people have been having trouble and I'm trying to figure out what cause, so tell me if it applied or not and what UxTheme patch you are using. Thanks :)


NOTE: This is the msstyles only!


This is the full theme version of the NSFR Beta 4. It includes many minor changes, mainly toolbars, start menu, and taskbar.

You'll need to download the current release of R2 for all the system files or use ResSpy if you have it.

June 30th, 2012

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Added back the R2 search box
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New address bar background
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New search box background


:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New small icons taskbar (Matchs that of the large)

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New small icons taskband buttons (No longer pixelate)

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New small icons (uncombined, shown labels) taskband buttons (no longer pixelate)

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New min/max/close glows

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New start menu programs list item buttons (Matches that of the taskband buttons)

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New media rebar buttons and separator

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New indeterminate progress bar

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Fixed spin buttons sizing margins

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Fixed bug that caused a black box to show around the "Select file to preview" label in the reading pane in Documents, Music, and Photos folders.

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Remade the Tool Window close buttons to look cleaner and clearer and to be more consistent with the regular window's close button.

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Fixed the MDI restore button missing its rightmost pixels.

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Updated the recently pinned jump list image (yellow highlight)

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Fixed bug in address bar that caused a slight black background when the combo box was shown

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: NavBar is smaller

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New TaskBand buttons which are cleaner that the previous ones

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Disabled BreadCrumbs no longer have a button image that would make the appeared hovered

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Updated Hover states to the TaskBand Buttons to be brighter and more visible

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Properly aligned vertical taskbar's taskband buttons

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New System Tray Flyout button

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: New Task Dialog expand and collapse buttons

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Taskbar is more subtle and matches the taskband buttons

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Push Button's pressed state is lighter and cleaner

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Combo Box's pressed state is lighter and cleaner

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Track Bar Thumb's pressed state is lighter and cleaner

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Track Bar Tics change from gray to light blue

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Header's sort arrow is now lighter and cleaner

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Added blue Help and Support header image
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Glaceon-X Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uuuhm.. Okay.. I'm frustrated...

I can't get the Longhorn taskbar... No matter what I do.....
I got Windows 7 64 bit.

Any help please? I've replaced everything, yes I'm sure it's in the right folders, everything works EXCEPT the darn taskbar...
What does the taskbar look like? It's similar to the 7's taskbar without the darkened bit under the start button and system tray.
Glaceon-X Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It IS the Windows 7 taskbar.. I mean, I used to run this theme back when I had a 32bit PC...

The problem atm is, I'm getting no Longhorn start button.. ;w;
Oh if you mean the the start button, did you replace explorer.exe?
Glaceon-X Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yesssss I did.....

It did nothing.. :c
Have you tried doing it again, it may have been overwritten by an update.
Glaceon-X Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate SP1... I have Windows update off....
Well I don't know what you're doing wrong, it's working fine for me and everyone else. All that's required for the start button is to change C:\Windows\explorer.exe and restart it. [link]
(1 Reply)
Please see this screenshot:>[link] Do you have shell32.dll for this topshellpane? Waiting for your answer...........
That's not my theme, so no I don't have it.
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